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you say...
it happens

the magical  voice


36 characters
17 animals
60 locations
225 items
76 actions

unlimited stories

"and at that moment the prince knelt down..."


Tell Me Tales is an app where as you tell a story it instantly appears on your screen as a 3D animated movie. This is the wonder of Tell Me Tales!

You can create a story by just saying it out loud. By the help of the built-in voice recognition, the magic immediately happens on your phone or tablet!

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main features

​fairytale world

  • 36 characters

  • 17 animals

  • 60 locations

  • 225 items

  • 76 actions

  • 9 emotions


  • voice recognition

  • type input

  • suggested words input

  • prewritten tales


  • tale editor

  • story-cards kit coming soon

discover the power of the bedtime stories you tell

Your voice has a magical power!

  • Tell bedtime stories to your child and strengthen the bond between you

  • spend quality time with them 

  • help develop their IQ, imagination, vocabulary and creativity.

  • for parents

  • for grandparents

  • for kids

a perfect fit for education

  • extra motivation for language learning and speaking

  • developing reading and writing skills

  • practice and developing storytelling skills

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Phone: +36 30 234 6633


Address: Hungary, Kornyei street 33, Tatabanya, 2800

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