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tutorial video
(updated video coming soon)

how to tell?

DO Press

(and hold while you are speaking) the microphone button for giving out commands to characters,

for example: And the Princess walked to the village


DON'T Press

the microphone button while you make characters talk or describing details,

for example: "There was a beautiful, calm morning"

"How are you father? I'm happy to see you!"

You should use simple sentences for commands, for example:

The King gave a sword to the Knight

You can also use simple compound sentences, for example:

The Princess went to the forest and sat down

You can impersonate any character and give it a name, for example:

the princess was called Lili

You can use the command "THEY", this will be executed on the last two active characters, for example:

they walked to the forest

Unfortunately you can't use the "THEY" command yet in case the action is done with each other  (working on it), for example:

they kissed each other 

Do not use complicated sentences yet (working on it), for example:

from the depths of the dark, evil forest, the cunning fox suddenly appeared, with a magic apple in his teeth 

We cannot perform adjectives yet (working on it), for example:

a green cow grazing in the field


​Statue, Innkeeper, Wraith, Cat, Rabbit, Sheep, Prince, Moose cow, Calf, Evil Dragon, Merchant, Goat, Little girl, Ghost, Bull, Doe, Rooster, Skeleton, Fox, Tree, Blacksmith, Priest, Farmer, Knight, Bear, Statue, Dog, Queen, Tell Me Bunny, Farmer boy, Boar, Witch, Moose, Chick, Wizard, Farmer girl, Gate-keeper, Farmer woman, Cow, Little boy, King, Gate-keeper, Pig, Hare, Golem, Little Dragon, Giant, Stag, Santa, Lumberjack, Fairy, Thief, Hunter, Lady, Mayor, Hen, Princess, Ram

actions ​

agree, appear, ask, be, become, beg, belching, bored, breath fire, bring, buy, call, cheer, clap, close, come, conjure, cry, dance, defend, deny, die, dig, disappear, disgusted, dream, drink, eat, fall, fart, fear, fight, find, fishing, fly, follow, giggle, give, go, grow, handshake, happy, hate, have, hide, hit, hoe, hug, hurt, jump, kick, kill, kiss, kneel, laugh, lay, lock, look, look around, lost, love, make, meet, open, pet, point, put, put on, read, run, sad, scared, sell, show, shrink, sing, sit, sleep, speak, stand, steal, stealth, stow, surprised, surrender, swim, take, talk, teleport, thank, think, throw, train, turn, unlock, upset, use, wait, wake up, walk, warn, was, wave, wear, whisper, wink, wish, work

locations ​

sun, sky, christmas tree, behaviour location point, hut, farmhouse, mushroom house, island, roof, swamp garden, hut, swamp, camp, mill, tunnel, cavern, excalibur, giant shoe, giant cup, pasture, forest, field, hut, cavern, clearing, farm, grave, crypt, graveyard, viewpoint, flowerbed, garden, gate, gatehouse, roof, Townhall, office, roof, church, workshop, storage, forge, outhouse, bar, roof, upstairs, tavern, market, village square, camp, river, river bank, meadow, large clearing, small clearing, summit, stairs, river, road, lake, city, below, helm, cabin, stern, deck, hideout, storage, watermill, pier, sea, coast, dock, castle, behaviour location point, library, prison, viewpoint, viewpoint, wizard-tower, castle entrance, watchtower, livingroom, bedroom, balcony, watchtower, throne room, kitchen, entrance hall, terrace, church, bridge, gate, market

objects ​

engine, conveyor, cogwheel, Bone, book, fish, bucket, bottle, bathtub, lectern, gun, pistol, quiver, bow, rack, barrel, Ship door, Map table, telescope, arrow, shield, broom, brush, candlestick, braclet, gold bar, ring, dresser, large plate, tongs, chest, knife, fork, cup, potato, bowl, powder, hammer, scroll, drawing compass, Ship cannon, Cannonball, Cannonball holder, plate, cheese, bread, butterfly, beetle, nail, chair, workbench, wine, dagger, halbert, longsword, mace, axe, wooden table, fancy table, spoon, soup, saber, pouch, pipe, pepper, necklace, milk, magnifier, key, kettle, horseshoe, horn, honey, goblet, flower, Fishing rod, feather, crystal, cross, corkscrew, cleaver, wine cabinet, Cage door, cage, cabbage, bag, backpack, door, King crown, root, sausage, wood, torch, shelves, Farmer hat, bench, beehive, Tree trunk, diamond, Weather machine, gate, throne, sidetable, fountain, campfire, toilet, steak, cauldron, crate, Bed pelt, Big gift, Gift, arrows, Santa hat, roaster, wooden bed, round wooden table, mushroom, Crystal mace, spear, pot, pitchfork, watercan, shovel, hoe, potion, stick, Knight helmet, Statue longsword, Statue Helmet, chain, brick, Flag, Horizontal flag, lock, pickaxe, pumpkin, scythe, , Hunter hat, bell, mortar, Anvil, roasted chicken, pie, oven, Fish sign, Priest hat, Guard Helmet, Merchant hat, Princess tiara, Wizard hat, Thief hood, Music Tree, yarn, wardrobe, fancy bed, Ghost shield, Ghost longsword, apple, Queen crown, Door shield

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